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outliers in Machine Learning

Outliers in Machine Learning

Finding Outliers in Machine Learning Did you ever notice? Anything that stands away from the “common” will always demand attention. Such un-common observation is usually called as outlier. As
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Introduction to data visualization

Introduction to Data Visualization for Data Scientist

Introduction to Data Visualization Bar Chart: A bar chart or bar graph is a chart or graph that presents categorical data with rectangular bars with heights or lengths proportional
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Over-fitting vs Under-fitting in Machine Learning

A Machine Learning or Deep Learning model must be in balanced state (Generalized) If you ever built a supervised Machine Learning model on some real-time data, it is impossible
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Anomaly Detection using Gaussian (Normal) Distribution

Anomaly Detection using Gaussian (Normal) Distribution For training and evaluating Gaussian distribution algorithms, we are going to split the train, cross validation and test data sets using blow ratios.
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Credit Card Fraud Detection with Python

Credit Card Fraud Detection, Anomaly Detection Using Python (Complete – Classification & Anomaly Detection) : Let us take a credit card fraud dataset from Kaggle ( The datasets contains
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