We are a software product development, services and training company. We provide end-to-end consulting services on cutting edge technologies such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Web, Mobile, Big Data, IOT and Cloud Computing. We are a team of technology experts and SMEs, the right amalgamation to cater the best-in-class products. We provide training on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence technologies. Our training programs are industry ready with detailed notes and code examples.

It all started with an intention to solve complex problems, derive innovative solution using AI and create a pool of AI experts by imparting the knowledge and key skills needed for the industry.

The goal is to build and deliver ‘products’, ‘projects’ and ‘induce capability building’ into the organizations who are willing to go the extra mile in growing their businesses with advance technologies.

It was both exciting and fun to transform a “Descriptive Analytical” problem by empowering it with “Predictive Analytics” which made a ton of difference to the business partners. There it was, the “birth of the big idea” for a “Start-Up” that can deliver projects inclined to “Artificial Intelligence” based solutions.

The journey continued with building a strong foundation of the inter disciplinary fields i.e. Mathematics/Statistics, Computer Science and Domain Knowledge. It was cumbersome exercise in bringing technologies like AI/ML, Big Data, Statistical Data Analysis, Integration tools such as Web services, Deployment Cloud platforms such as AWS ML, Azure ML, Google ML, etc.,together.

In parallel, we have been very fruitful to construct an industry centric training program for aspirants who are willing to transition into the ‘AI’ Arena with ease. We bridge gap between academia and industry by inculcating the skills acquired by our team of experts.

Our team comprises of domain enthusiasts, technical experts and process-oriented individuals working together to develop amazing applications which have been proven game changers to our clients.

We have been successful in creating a work place which is both customer and employee centric.


To quote, “The goal as a company is to have a customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.” ~ Sam Walton.

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