Competency Building

Resources with integrated knowledge, right skills and judgement can deliver the “Artificial Intelligence” use-case on time, with quality and cost effectiveness. The process cycle including Corporate Training, Project Envisioning, Project Planning, Project Development and Project Deployment. This entire process will span across 3 to 6 months.

competency building on Artificial Intelligence1) Corporate Training
Intense resource training in AI concepts and tools for imbibing the right skill and knowledge.

2) Project Envisioning
Requirement Gathering and analysis of in house and client Use-Cases by involving trained resources into the process.

3) Project Planning
Estimate project cost, timelines and resources needed.initiate Solution Architecture and design along with the
trained resources.

4) Project Development
Initiate the project with trained resources and help them understand the process all through out the execution.

5) Project Deployment
Ensure,resources deliver the project successfully on time with utmost customer satisfaction.

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