Placement Services

We are specialized in bridging the gap between companies overwhelming requirements and scarcity of technical resources in Artificial Intelligence.

Industry is facing huge workforce shortage in niche technological areas such as Artificial Intelligence. The possible solutions are, to either groom internal resources or find cost effective, qualified and technically strong individuals. Data Jango comes to the rescue in solving resource shortage and meeting delivery goals.

The approach includes,

Conducting in-house training’s for students and IT professionals. Provide internship program enabling them with skills needed to work on both home-grown products as well as service-based projects.

We are very proud to mention that, the resources are very strong in terms of technology, excellent team players, efficient in extracting AI uses cases from existing business with proficient communication skills.

Our Placement Services include,

  • Contract-to-Hire: The employee will be on Data Jango’s payroll working as a contractor for the respective client.
    The benefit is, we will take the responsibility in training the resource on advanced concepts based on the company needs for a smooth project execution.

    The advanced concepts cover Deep Leaning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, etc.

  • Direct-hire:  As per industry standards.
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