How AI can create jobs ?

“AI will increase efficiency and create jobs”

We are in the beginning of era of AI which is evolving as next technological revolution. Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains it as, “AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It is more profound than, I don’t know, Electricity or Fire.”

What makes AI so special now is the situation of the world with advanced computational & data storage technologies, ever expanding network of internet & tremendous amount of data generated by Users from growing human population. Even after the advancement in the technology, there are several challenges we are struggling to solve. The main reason for slow progress of humans to overcome the bigger problems is limited resources to guide human brain to understand, interpret & process the patterns in large amount of data.

Problems faced by big organizations, countries & companies are the lack of resources to process & learn from the huge amount of data they have, to get the accurate, optimal & efficient solutions. AI systems are capable to stand up to these needs of faster learning, processing & computing to empower the capabilities of human intelligence.

AI will contribute to human efforts to overcome very serious problems like Understanding climate changes, Effective business strategies, Economic instability, Improving slow & ineffective governance of governments like Judiciary system, Public welfare policies etc, Traffic management in megacities, Understanding complex structure of crime & violent organizations worldwide, Tackling challenges in medical & health care to improve complex treatments & complex diseases etc, which wasn’t possible before.

So, Will AI replace humans?

It is the same possibility humans faced when computers were to evolve. But, in reality computers created tremendous new jobs which wasn’t existed before. In the same way AI holds huge potential to create a lot of new type of professions which doesn’t exist today.

It is not the technology which makes humans to suffer; instead it is the human thought behind using the technology. Believing in AI is like believing in human wish to head towards the beautiful world. Moreover, a sustainable integration of AI to work with humans will result in work-life balance. Present situation where we humans work 8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week is affecting human life drastically. Hope AI will help to reduce it to 5 hours a day, 4 days a week soon & will make our lives to evolve in more creative ways.

Sounds interesting, right? Wait for AI.


– Kiran Malapa

Why AI will both increase efficiency and create jobs


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