Data Science Course Frequently Asked Questions


# Why Data Science/AI is so popular now?

  • Increase in computing power and cheap memory.
  • Distributed computing technologies such as Hadoop
  • Availability of ML/AI/Deep Learning algorithms implement in different languages such as R, Python, Scala, etc.(Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, tools like R, Matlab, Spark).

# Do one need to have some computer programming knowledge ?

  • It is better to have minimum programming knowledge.
  • We are anyway providing necessary programming skills to execute Data Science projects.

# Explain course design and duration?

  • The course will make you a solution provided for the real-time Data Science problems.
  • We start with Statistics, Basics of Python, data analysis with Pandas, NumPy, after this we will get deeper into Machine Learning, Error analysis and Fine tuning models.
  • The course duration is of three months, every day one hour. Monday to Friday.

# Can we attend class online ?

  • Yes, we broadcast live class over the internet. One could join the class either in classroom or online.  
  • We are also providing recorded videos for further reference.

# Who can become a Data Scientist ?

  • Business Analysts and Data Analysts.
  • Database professionals, Developers, Leads, Managers from Information Technology industry.
  • Fresh graduates who wish to make a career in Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistical Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

# What are the prerequisites to join Data Science course ?

  • We will cover all that is needed to make you a Data Scientist (Statistics, Mathematics, Machine Learning, Python, etc..).
  • Only requirements are, should have studied mathematics at 10 + 2 (Intermediate) level. Good intuition and logic. 

# How soon I can get a job as per current market situation?

  • We would say, with in one month of finishing the course. This depends on below conditions.
  • The course duration will take three months, we impart all concepts with utmost clarity and depth. The course material covers answers for all most all interview questions. This will build lot of confidence to face interview. It requires dedication and lot of practice of the concepts we taught. Practice makes prefect.
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