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Data Science

Online / Classroom

April 27th - Sat 11:00 AM IST

WEEK-DAY Batch (Online/Classroom)

Deep Learning & NLP (Online/Classroom)


Visualization is an important aspect in may stages in a Data Science project, especially while doing Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). Understanding relationship between columns with different datatypes (Categorical to Categorical, Categorical to Quantitative, Quantitative to Quantitative) is one of the most important aspects. Please watch video for more details.

Hypothesis testing

One of the Bi-Variate Statistical Tools – ANOVA is useful in understand relationship between “Categorical” and “Quantitative” variables. This short video from our class provides clarity on how to perform hypothesis testing to assess relationship between two variables.

Linear regression

Linear Regression is one of the most important machine learning (and a statistical tool) algorithm. This algorithm is very useful in making inferences about data. This short video provides a high level view on what is happening behind the scenes. We tried to explain Normal Equation, Gradient Descent algorithms in layman’s terminology. 

Solve Regression data

This video provides explanation on different processes (steps) involved in solve a regression problem. This is connecting dots session after understanding all concepts involved in solving a regression problem. We will cover all the topics mentioned in this video and more in our classes.

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