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We offer training on Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Statistical Data Analysis and all Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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Learn Data Science Training by Industry Experts with Real-Time Scenarios with an in-depth explanation of each and every Machine Learning Algorithm.We offer Python based Result Oriented Data Science Training in Hyderabad. We are providing Data Science ,Deep learning and NLP Courses both  Online and Classroom Modes. We made training easy by providing online classes for working personal. The course design is placement oriented for passionate people.

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We provide extensive theoretical and practical coverage of all machine learning algorithms. We covered all necessary statistical, mathematical concepts in detail. The material will contain extensive code examples which cover exploratory data analysis, visualisation, model building error analysis and fine tuning techniques. The datasets we use are industry problems, we teach the concepts by solving these problems. 

Data Science Recorded videos

We provide recorded videos of all classes we take on Statistical Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. One can revive class by watching the video. Missing classes can be covered by watching recorded videos. This will help working people a lot.

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Be the First one to join the next industrial revolution

Artificial intelligence will create the next industrial revolution, the latest and fourth industrial revolution that modern world has experienced since mechanical production and steam power energy documented in 1784. Next on the timeline of society’s pivotal transformation was electrical energy and mass production, while the third revolution because around 1969 with electronics and evolving to include the wide spread adoption of internet technologies. Today, many agree that the next wave of disruptive technology blurring the lines between the digital, physical and even the biological, will be the fourth industrial revolution of AI. The fusion of state-of-the-art computational capabilities, extensive automation and extreme connectivity is already impacting nearly every aspect of society, driving global economics and extending into every aspect of our daily life. Application or products such as self-driving cars, language translators, image recognition and more....

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"Data Jango provides world class training on Data Science and Machine Learning using Python. The course is designed in such a way that we can understand the concepts from basics and go deep even if we don't have any prior analytical knowledge. The course covers in depth concepts along with real time data examples on machine learning algorithms.
- The faculty has got lot of knowledge on Python, Statistical Analysis, Mathematics, Data Visualisation and Machine Learning Algorithms and guides us in each phase of learning, execution of a project including preparation for the interviews. I found the course material; online recorded videos and discussions with other members very useful.
- Overall, a world class approach in developing skill sets for the aspiring Data Scientists!!"
"Following are the observations on Machine Learning course offered by Data Jango

- Making sure every one gets strong foundation on fundamentals.
- Explaining the concepts with real time data sets which helps in getting industry exposure.
- Excellent material which helps to prepare quickly for interviews.
- Extensively covering the Statistical concepts and Python.
- Deep diving into the concepts with proper examples, where ever required. In short *** The Best *** training institute for Data Science aspirants."
"Before joing Data Jango, I tried learning Data science from Udemy and coursera, almost all the courses taught stats at very very high level and just brushed the surface of algorithms by just teaching only the intuition of algorithms with out teaching Under the hood concepts and math. The instructor of Data Jango Mr. Rama Raju was so knowledgeable and experienced he designed the course in such a way that you can easily understand the stats and ML algorithms fundmentals so clearly with real time use case examples and high production standard Python code. The instructor is very passionate and engages you in the class almost every time. This course journey will definitely make a dabbler atleast an enthusiast if not a tastemaker in DataScience and AI."
Data Jango is the best place for anyone who want to begin their journey into Machine Learning at Data Jango.
- Great course, especially its focus on practical implementation.
- The course is well structured with excellent materiel and well taught by the faculty.
- This was probably the best class I've ever attended. At the end of the class I was amazed on how much I've learnt.
- Perfect course for data scientists, statisticians, programmers and managers. Highly recommend
"Thank you for the tremendous course. Really impressed and it was even better than I imagined. I personally found it one of the most useful courses because.

- The instructor Mr.Rama, brings enthusiasm and experience to every lecture that he gives.
- Very approachable, understanding, always keeps an open line of communication and prepares people to carry out skills in the real world.
- Demonstrates each ML Algorithm in a very simple enough terms by relating to real world scenarios.
- All of the exercises were on a scale of good to excellent.
- Appreciate the concise handouts that can be used for future reference as we face challenging situations.

I would highly recommend Mr.Rama's expertise, to any one who is looking to jump-start their career in Data Science."
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